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Spiralink Circulator Coupling 10034, 1/2 " x 5/8 " or 5/8" x 5/8"

Spiralink Circulator Coupling 10034, 1/2 " x 5/8 " or 5/8" x 5/8"

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Spiralink Circulator Coupling 10034, 1/2 " x 5/8 " or 5/8" x 5/8"

For Bell & Gossett, Armstrong, and Taco circulators and In-Line Pumps.

The Spiralink™ is a permanent replacement for the failure prone OEM coupling.

Replace the flimsy, 4- spring, OEM ‘fly away’ coupling with a SpiralinkTM today. Leave your customers feeling satisfied in knowing they won’t be left in the cold this heating season!

Spiralink™’s innovative, one piece design has no connecting parts to produce friction that causes noise, wear, and early failure of old-style couplings. Set it and forget it!


Three Spiralink sizes cover the whole range of B&G pumps up to 1HP at 1750RPM. (Up to 2HP at 3450 RPM)
A fourth model replaces the Woods coupling in Taco series 121-138.

Spiralink™ is a Canadian made product and a family business since 1985.


Spiralink™’s single spring acts as a torsion spring with 3-dimensional flexibility that compensates for a greater degree of shaft misalignment. It protects bearing assemblies from damage by broken couplings, and its flex reduces the torque load on bearings and seals.


The compact shape makes it far easier to install, especially in awkward locations. Once secured to motor shaft, Spiralink™ slips readily onto the pump shaft; no need for ‘third hand’ to achieve alignment.


Three Spiralink™ coupler models replace 15 OEM parts, including nine Bell & Gossett and six Armstrong. View the OEM to Spiralink™ product cross reference chart.


A single retrofit eliminates future coupling replacement, extends pump life, reduces labor hours and down-time, and reduces coupler inventory by up to 70%.


Spiralink™ couplers are warrantied to be free from defects in material and workmanship and are guaranteed against breakage when properly installed in equipment for which they are recommended.

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