Collection: Firomatic® Fire Safety Fusible Tank Valves

Firomatic® brand Fire Safety Valves are designed to automatically close and shut off fuel flow in the event of a fire or other high temperature condition. Required in residential and commercial installations covered by codes NFPA 31 in the US and CSA. B139 Series: 19 in Canada. Other states, municipalities, and AHJ’s also require these valves for protection of the fuel supply system.

Beckett Firomatic® Fire Safety Fusible Tank Valves are designed to be installed at the outlet of most oil tanks and are available in both straight and 90˚ versions. Defined as “Fusible Link Valves”, these Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Listed valves have cUlus 842 Certification for both the US and Canada.

All valves are embossed with an arrow indicating direction of fuel flow. A tag indicates Model Number and contains a date code. The stem seal features a “double-seal” washer / O-ring design with a high temperature composite seat seal material. Approved for liquid heating fuels including renewable fuels to B100 / R100. Rated
for 10 PSI maximum inlet pressure. All models come with a 3-year limited warranty.