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REMS 570775, 3/4" ACR U Standard Tong (U20)

REMS 570775, 3/4" ACR U Standard Tong (U20)

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REMS pressing tongs - For all common pressfitting systems

  • Highly durable pressing tongs/pressing rings made of tenacious, specially hardened special steel
  • Pressing contours of REMS pressing tongs/ pressing rings are system-specific and correspond with the respective pressfitting system. Thus perfect system-conformity, safe press jointing
  • Pressing jaws of pressing tongs/pressing rings manufactured on CNC production centres ensure high-precision machining of pressing contour. Low production tolerances as a result
  • Drive through all REMS radial presses (except REMS Mini-Press ACC, REMS Mini-Press ACC) and suitable radial presses of other makes
  • All pressing tongs marked with * have an optional connection (Patent US 6,739,172) for manual drive through the radial press REMS Eco-Press
  • Made in Germany


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