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REMS 578372, 3/8" ACR Mini Pressing Tong (U14mm)

REMS 578372, 3/8" ACR Mini Pressing Tong (U14mm)

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REMS pressing tongs Mini / REMS pressing rings
Very compact design and low weight of the REMS Mini pressing tongs due to special arrangement of the pressing tongs connection. Recesses in the pressing jaws for safe guidance of the connecting plate for offset-free pressing.

Highly durable pressing tongs/pressing rings made of tenacious, specially hardened steel. Pressing contours of REMS pressing tongs/pressing rings are system-specific and correspond with the respective pressfitting system. Thus perfect system-conformity, safe press jointing.

Driven by REMS Mini-Press ACC, REMS Mini-Press 22V ACC and REMS Mini-Press S 22V ACC.


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