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REMS 571014, Akku-Press Tool 14V ACC Basic-Pack

REMS 571014, Akku-Press Tool 14V ACC Basic-Pack

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REMS 571014, Akku-Press ACC Basic-Pack

  • REMS Akku-Press ACC
  • Electro-hydraulic drive unit
  • 4.3 kg (9.5 lbs
  • Optimum weight distribution for single-hand operation
  • Swiveling pressing tongs seat (360°)Automatic-Circuit-Control (ACC): Automatic retraction after completion of pressing operation (Automatic Circuit Control)
  • Cordless radial press with automatic circuit control for producing pipe pressing joints Ø 10–108 (110) mm, Ø 3/8–4"
  • Swiveling pressing tongs seat with automatic locking
  • Electro-hydraulic drive with powerful battery motor 14.4 V, 380 W (0.52 HP), robust planetary gear, eccentric reciprocating pump and compact high power hydraulic system
  • Safety tip switch
  • Battery Li-Ion 14.4 V, 3.0 Ah, rapid charger Li-Ion/Ni-Cd 110 V, 50–60 Hz, 65 W
  • In sturdy steel case
  • Tongs sold separately
  • Made in Germany
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