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Refco 4688683, TRITECTOR-RC Leak detector

Refco 4688683, TRITECTOR-RC Leak detector

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Refco 4688683, TRITECTOR-RC Leak detector

Product Details

The TRITECTOR™ is the practical 3-in-1 solution for the professional refrigeration engineer – with easily replaceable sensors, all common refrigerants, combustible gases and tracer gases can be detected with only one device. The adjustable sensitivity levels find even the smallest leaks, and the ambient concentration is continuously compensated automatically or can also be compensated manually. As soon as a leak is detected, the color LCD display gives a visual signal and an optional sound is emitted. As with other REFCO products, either AA batteries or Micro-USB supplies power - making annoying delays caused by dead batteries a thing of the past.

This item has two sensors only - for refrigerants and for flammable refrigerants.

  • Intuitive handling
  • Intelligent electronics that automatically detect the connected sensor
  • Exchangeable sensors for refrigerants, combustible gases and tracer gases
  • Variable power supply (batteries & USB)
  • Automatic and manual reset of the ambient concentration
  • High quality LCD display
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