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Rectorseal of Canada Ltd

Rectorseal 66640, Metacaulk 1000, 10.3 .oz - 12PK

Rectorseal 66640, Metacaulk 1000, 10.3 .oz - 12PK

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Rectorseal 66640, Metacaulk 1000, 10.3 .oz - 12PK

Metacaulk 1000 is a 1-component, general fire-rated sealant/smoke seal for construction joints & through-penetrations. Cures to elastomeric seal suited to dynamic motion. Stops flames/smoke/hot gas/water moving through joints & through penetrations.

  • Protected in wet & dry stages against mold growth with a combination of biocides.
  • Non-sag caulking grade sealant that is easy to apply & retrofit. Water Based and Flexible Set with a Minimum 3 Year Shelf Life. Excellent freeze-thaw and For interior use - paintable
  • Safe and Easy to Use. No dilution or mixing is required for use. No special skills necessary to install. Apply with a conventional caulking gun, bulk loading gun or trowel from the pail. For large applications, can be pumped directly from the pail.
  • Highly intumescent and VOC compliant
  • Systems rated for 1, 2, 3 & 4 hours in accordance with ASTM E 814, UL 1479 UL 2079 & CAN/ULC-S115 standards. STC rating 62.

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