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VentureTape VF804, Flashing Tape

VentureTape VF804, Flashing Tape

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VentureFlash VF825 is a 3-ply self-adhering flashing tape. Durable, tear resistant and puncture resistant, VentureFlash VF825 is ideal for demanding commercial and residential applications.
VentureFlash VF825 is coated with a special cold weather acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. Broad temperature performance, coupled with excellent peel and tack, VF825 is ideal for a wide range of demanding applications and environmental conditions


• Economical, self adhering and self healing weathertight flashing tape
• Ideal for use around windows, doors, roof valleys and other demanding applications
• No primer required
• Puncture resistant
• Conforms well to irregular surfaces
• Cuts and applies easily
• Temperature resistant to 180°F (82°C); applies easily at both high and low temperatures
• Ideal for extreme environmental conditions
• Bonds to a wide variety of construction materials including HouseWrap, polyethylene, concrete, metal, insulation, foam, fiberglass, cork, fabrics, glass and plastics as well as other natural and synthetic materials
• No special tools required for application

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