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Auburn FRS-2-12 Flame Rod

Auburn FRS-2-12 Flame Rod


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Brand Auburn Mfg.

P/N FRS-2-12

Connections 1/2" NPT - 14

Auburn SKU CS13035 or 13035

Center Electrode Material: Kanthal

Overall Length: 14.63", A Dim = 12"

Rod Outside Diameter: .19"

Max. Operating Operating Temperature, 2350 Deg F

Replaces: Crown CA391 Eclipse 13312-1

Auburn SKU CS13035 or 13035, part number FRS-2-12 is for use with your combustion system. These flame rods or probes are rugged enough to survive operating temperatures up to and including 2350 Degree F. temperatures. The probe or centerwire materials such as Kanthal or Nichrome are chosen for their excellent conductive and thermal properties for these flame rods. A ceramic insulator is used to insulate the center wire from the mounting shell. Flame rod units will not crack or breakdown, at rated temperatures. Auburn flame probes give accurate readings over a wide range of temperatures, voltage, and size applications. Operating principle – The probe conducts current to the flame-sensing system (controller) as long as the tip is in contact with the flame.

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