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R.W. Beckett Canada Ltd

Beckett 51838U, SF/SM/CF500/CF800

Beckett 51838U, SF/SM/CF500/CF800

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Beckett 51838U, PowerLight Oil 120 VAC Igniter SF/SM/CF500/CF800


  • UL recognized in the US and Canada
  • 20 kV peak rating guarantees quick and efficient ignition
  • Small size & lightweight
  • A vacuum encapsulation process, using a synthetic resin, provides resistance to moisture, excellent heat dissipation and electrical insulation
  • Case material is a high-temperature thermoplastic that provides high impact strength, scratch resistance, impenetrable to oil, and most chemicals
  • Adapts to multiple baseplates – making it the most versatile unit on the market. It will also fit on many other vendors’ baseplates.
  • Epoxy potting will not shrink or crack like tar-filled transformers

Technical Specifications 

  • Input Voltage: 120 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 35 VA
  • Output Voltage: 6kV RMS, 20kV peak
  • Output Current: 35 mA RMS
  • Secondary Mid-point Ground
  • Ambient Operating Temperature: -40°F (-40°C) to 150°F (66°C)
  • Storage Temperature: -40°F (-40°C) to 150°F (66°C)
  • Moisture: 5 to 95% Relative Humidity
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